Attention: Monday October 18, 2021; due to staff shortage we will be missing one of the RT-2. Please call the SF TRails call center for further information at (505) 955-2001. Missed trips are as followed; Departing SFP 6:24 am, Departing STC 7:12 am, Departing SFP 7:50 am, Departing STC 8:27 am, Departing SFP 9:20 am, Departing STC 9:57 am, Departing SFP 10:33 am, Departing STC 11:12 am, Departing SFP 11:48 am, Departing STC 12:27 pm, Departing SFP 1:03 pm, Departing STC 1:42 pm. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, thank you for using SF Trails for your transportation needs.
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